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Job# 27152 Commercial and Residential Construction Estimator

Location: Austin, TX

Job Type: Full Time, Employee

Activities: Cost Estimator for Commercial and Residential Construction to prepare cost estimates for product manufacturing, construction projects, or services to aid management in bidding on or determining price of product or service.

Additional desired qualifications: BA/BS


Job# 14785 Residential & Commercial Project Manager

Location: Austin, TX

Job Type: Full Time, Employee

Activities: Responsible for managing multiple projects at the same time taking care of project budget, material delivery, labor expenses, and proper execution of daily task. The project manager is responsible for the personal and the overall success of each project. They have the drive to identify problems and look for solutions. Work 5 to 6 days a week depending the project status. Project managers report directly to operations to coordinate budgeting, expenses, and labor. 

Skills required: 3+ years management experience, ability to build relationships and trust with customers, ability to communicate properly with the team and with the customers, critical thinking skills, proven ability to use Microsoft Excel.

Additional desired qualifications: BA/BS Degree


How to apply

Apply via email by forwarding resume to, referencing the Job #