Board Installations

Accent Construction has provided Gypsum Board Installation for Commercial, Multifamily, and Residential Sectors. We are proud of our team as we deliver the highest quality and on-time scheduling for our projects. Feel free to request a list of our customers who can vouch for our quality.

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Drop Down Ceilings

From new installation to reconstruction, we have the skills to deliver a turn-key service on this areas. 

We work with the most renowned brands in the industry to achieve an efficient and smooth process.

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Gypsum Board Installation

The gypsum board is the most used material to reinforce the structure of the room as well as providing a substrate for the finish product. We provide installation for 1/2" Gypsum Board panels as well as of 5/8" Type X and Type C Gypsum Board Paneling.

We also provide gypsum board related upgrades such as sound dampening through resilient channel systems installation, fire walls systems, and also custom finishes such as architectural reveal installation to upgrade the ambiance of the room.

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Sheathing Installation

Installed after the framing stage, the sheathing is the substrate for air and water-resistive barriers.

We save time on the project as we also provide framing and installation services for high resistance shaftwalls, impact resistant paneling for high traffic areas, tile backer for wet areas and any other pre-rock areas to stay on schedule with the project.