Selecting the right wood species is the first step to build your custom barn door. Below is a list of the type of woods you can choose from!

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White Alder Wood

Part of the birch family and native from the northern hemisphere. A fine grained wood that resistant to cracking which is ideal for barn door is friendly to work with machines and also hand carving!

white alder wood.jpg


This type of wood is extremely popular with cabinetmakers and wood workers, easy to work, fine textured, strong and durable. Highly rated in all working properties including wood bending and turning. Becomes darker and richer with age.

African Mahogany

African mahogany’s color, texture and grain give it a very close resemblance to classic Honduras Mahogany. Relatively hard and works well aside from the woolly surfaces that sanding produces; highly lustrous and polishes well; very durable wood. The color of Mahogany African is Light pink to reddish-brown or golden tan-brown.




Native to western North America and one of the best timber producers of its region. A fine-grained wood known for its strength, durability and golden color. This high quality wood is another great option for building a strong and durable barn door!

Northern Red Oak

As its name implies, this type of tree is native of North America, in the eastern and central United States and south-central of Canada. For its durability, this type of wood is used for flooring, interior trim and also furniture such as barn doors! This gorgeous open grained wood can soak beautiful stain colors that match the ambiance of your room. Due its porosity, it is recommended that prior to shipping it has a sealant to prevent moisture.


Native to Mexico and south-central regions of the United States and also the state tree of Texas. San Saba, Texas claims to be "The Pecan Capital of the World". Characterized by its density and strength as well as high shock resistance and excellent steam bending properties making it another great option to build your barn door!


This light to dark brown or chocolate brown type of wood is excellent to work including turning and carving. Typically used for gun stocks, musical instruments, fine furniture, cabinetry and flooring. This type of wood is relatively heavy, hard and resilient. It has good strength but only limited durability when exposed to the weather.


This wood is fine textured, soft and light weight, easily worded and takes paint exceptionally well. Commonly used for furniture, cabinets, jigs, drawer sides and painted furniture. Poplar is a very versatile wood, easy to machine, plane, turn, glue and bore. It has little tendency to split and it takes and holds paint, enamel and stain exceptionally well.

Soft Maple

This type of wood is close-grained but soft, easy to work. Turns and planes well and does not require fillers to achieve a glass smooth finish. It accepts finish and paint well. Generally used for furniture, cabinets and it’s a good general purpose hardwood.

White Pine

This type of wood is light weight, soft, even textured and easily worked. It resists shrinking and swelling. Often used for country or provincial furniture. It holds paint and stain very wood.

White Oak

A light to medium brown type of wood with straight grains and uneven texture. Very durable characteristics and excellent results with machine tools. Has a high shrinkage value and is a great wood to stain! This type of wood is commonly seen in cabinetry, furniture, trim and flooring.