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Our Beginnings

Accent started 15 years ago as a residential painting company, over the course of the years we develop relationships that help us grow with our community. We take pride of our customer service and Building Relationships has been our goal through quality and service.

High End Residential

High end custom homes have challenge us to develop the highest level of quality in each of the projects. We understand that a high end job requires the highest attention to detail in every aspect. As painters, we are in charge of making everything look perfect. Our customers vouch for our quality and service we have provided over the years for this  type of projects.


Commercial Painting

Accent has constant participation in many commercial and multifamily projects in the Austin area. Some of the critical aspects is to do the job right and on schedule.

We focus on a maintaining a transparent and clear communication with our customers and employees to develop an excellent quality control and management during the process.

Special Finishes

Veneer plaster, lime plaster, and cementitious plaster are just some of the products we have master through the years. Our artisans have develop unique techniques for all type of projects.

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